12 kids, 4 trolls, and a cherub find the Sburb/Sgrub/Sbonk Pi release. Hilarity ensues.


Post-Scratch Trolls (complacent)Edit

  • Heir of Time
  • Seer of Space
  • Knight of Void
  • Witch of Blood

Pre-Scratch Trolls (violent)Edit

  • Maid of Rage
  • Rogue of Mind
  • Prince of Light
  • Page of Doom

Post-Scratch Kids (can form bonds)Edit

  • Witch of Doom (haha)
  • Rogue of Rage
  • Heir of Hope
  • Seer of Light (??)
  • Mage of Void
  • Maid of Heart
  • Knight of Time (??)
  • Sylph of Mind
  • Page of Breath (??)
  • Prince of Life
  • Bard of Blood
  • Thief of Space

Pre-Scratch Kids (can't form bonds)Edit

  • Maid of Space
  • Page of Blood
  • Mage of Life
  • Knight of Breath
  • Rogue of Mind
  • Sylph of Time
  • Seer of Heart
  • Thief of Void
  • Heir of Light
  • Bard of Hope
  • Prince of Rage
  • Witch of Doom




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