Ursula Qanick
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Rogue of Space

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Strife Specibi



trekking, documentation, objectivity, bear puns


heat, overly emotional situations

Biography Edit

Ursula lives in an igloo on the pole of Alternia. She spends her time trekking the ice fields and documenting nature. Her lusus is a polar bear. This is a shitty biography because I literally started thinking about her yesterday. (5.8.15)

Personality and Traits Edit

Ursula is quiet, reserved, serious, introverted, observant, she's a huge party pooper.

Relationships Edit

Ursula does not like people around her getting emotional, whether they be positive or negative emotions. She thinks it clouds people's view and avoids it herself. When she's confronted by an issue, she distances herself from it and looks at it objectively.

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Trivia Edit

Based on the constellation Ursa Major. Her lusus was the first thing I came up with.