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21 (October 25, 1996)

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Tomb Raider Fandom is a character in the Fandomstuck Community on Tumblr. Currently, she is the only representative of the Tomb Raider franchise active in Fandomstuck.




Tomb Raider is a fandom blog based on the video game that was released by British video game developer Core Design in 1996.

The Tomb Raider franchise revolves around the central character, Lara Croft, departing to exotic lands to track down mysterious artifacts, constantly setting her at odds with various antagonists who wish to abuse the artifact's power.

Personality-wise, the fandom is sassy, reckless and greedy, a caricature of the series's main protagonist, as well as the treasure hunter trope in general, with several jabs towards Indiana Jones and Homestuck's own Jake English. (But not Uncharted, fuck that guy.) The athletic nature of the Fandom is at odds with her clumsiness and tendency towards dying a lot (mirroring the clunky control scheme and constant deaths in the games.)


She is a 5' 8" young woman with brown hair tied back in a ponytail or braid. She can almost always be seen wearing a Tomb Raider logo shirt, green pendant, red tea-shade sunglasses, some variant of boots and brown "booty shorts." Occasionally she can also be seen with a brown backpack which can mysteriously hold all of her equipment, thigh holsters with the symbol of Doom on the buckle and a digital camera (as well as a once off winter parka).


  • Her belt buckle has the symbol of Doom on it.
  • Her shoddy camera-work and tank-like movements are a jab at the blocky nature of earlier Tomb Raider games.
  • They are a Derse dreamer
  • Their true sign (according to the Extended Zodiac Test) is "Scormini" which is the "sign of the Martyr".

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