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Your name is Tohias Driftos, you were a troll who used to live on the planet of Alternia. You used to wonder what other life there was outside of your home planet, if there was any at all. Now you realise that there is more to learn from your world and the other outside worlds. You bear the sign known as Apatite.
"It seems I have more to learn from this world..."

Appearance Edit

You, Driftos, have black, messy but curly-like hair, along with two asymmetrical horns. The left horn being short and pointy, the right being a slight bit longer and more curved towards the left side. You wear a black, slightly over-sized turtle neck-sweater with your sign on it. And like any other troll, you have yellow eyeballs with a pitch black pupil in the center.

Personality Edit

You are Tohias Driftos. You have a slight 'unstable attitude often, but the other majority of the time, you are very calm and stable, almost stoic-like. You aren't the brightest troll around, but you certainly aren't all that dark either. You are highly intelligent and cunning and sometimes, but not always, use the information you find out against others and often even manipulate them by using it. However, you, Driftos, are not always very comfortable towards humans and other unknown species or those that you have yet to understand.

"What... What is there to be afraid of...? When in this world, there is no one else but you."
But of course, there is a downside, you, Driftos, suffer from your aspect, as a Mage. From what? You suffer from nothing', one may take it that you suffer from nothing at all, but that's wrong. You suffer from the ignorance of others. You feel meaningless and of no use to the world. You are not always aware of your surroundings and more than often find yourself walking from or towards someone or something without even knowing. Driftos, you, tries his best to be noticed and to be acknowledged by others, but very much fail almost always. Maybe you've, too, been ignorant this whole time. Obscuring yourself from others behind your web of lies. You hardly ever tell jokes or rather ever laugh at all. You are lonely. Nobody is there for you the times you truly need them. That's because they believe that you are truly fine, and you have no need for assistance, judging on what you say or do to them.
"I guess it's just me now in this world. Tohias Driftos, the Great and the Intellectual! All alone again..."

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