The Prayerer is the ancestor of Pierro Nirvans and the post-scrath incarnation of Karloz Nivans..He always prayed that he's the only key to end the troll's cruelity and chaos by advicing other trolls in Alternia,he's first follower is The Fatherly but when he died in the Hands of the Powerful,ruler of the Alternia.The Motherly took him to protect from her Minions..For many sweeps later he became more kind and trustful.He met the Prideful who became his matesprit and he met the Follower..All of his followers belived him and treat him as a friend.Then a the Motherly's fear became true when the Powerful saw their hideout and took him and his followers to her kingdom,he suffered like his 1st follower..Before his death,Pridefu mourn infront of him and he took his scarf using his mouth and gave it to his matesprit..He was known as the troll version of Piers Nivans,but the difference is their deaths..

The Prayerer

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