This Is Where You Can Put Scenes That You Had In Mind But Probably Wont Use For The Omega Session!

Use Your Time Making Pictures/Gifs Wisely!!!

>Be the other girl.Edit

You are now ALLISON SCRATCH. You are 18 years old, and you live with your DAD in a shabby hotel. You appreciate 80s ALTERNATIVE MUSIC, and THE OCCASIONAL NOVEL. You are a lucky cherub, as you and your sister never chain each other up. What will you do?

>Wait, wait wait wait wait. What the hell?

Is that the weird voice again? You hate the weird voice.

>It is extremely obvious that you are not a cherub. You look much like the fleshy human things that were bugging me earlier.

Try again.

Your name is ALLISON SCRATCH. As was previously mentioned you are a human. You are 18 years old, and you live with your DAD in a shabby hotel. You appreciate expensive stuff, including VODKA and EXOTIC CATS. You hate anything cheap so you tend to "borrow" money from your best friend, MOXY GRIFFIN.

What will you do?

Wait just a freaking second.

No! You're being introduced, or you're not letting anyone go anywhere.

No no, really! Don't you remember when everyone was fighting the Black Queen! That narrative switched away and was forgotten about! Gotta fix that now, see ya later!

Wait a minute- well, shit. Narrative's gone. Looks like you'll have to continue on your own.


Good thing you have this marker.

Me: Open a window.

You do so. Lots of stuffy air and bugs cascades in, and you snap it shut shortly after.

That was a stupid idea.

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