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I'd love to see a Gamma session with Gamma kids, Gamma trolls, and a cherub whose Title is a combinasion of Calliope's and Caliborn, and who actually has trouble telling their gender.

Gamma kids :
Thief of Mind -> Harley/Crocker
Bard of Doom -> Egbert/English
Sylph of Blood -> Lalonde
Mage of Rage -> Strider

Gamma trolls :
Mage of Time 
Knight of Breath
Thief of Doom -> A Captor being all "b1tch please"
Bard of Blood -> Vantas being a huge slacker who doesn't care about leadership
Witch of Heart -> Leijon being a dA parody
Seer of Space
Sylph of Mind
Maid of Light -> Cowgirl Serket
Prince of Void
Page of Rage -> Juggalo in training
Heir of Hope
Rogue of Life

---エリダン 23:47, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

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