I have been pondering this for a while, and I have gotten this out here.



Rena Lalonde

Jack English

Jaye Croley

Damian Strider


Kriosa Megido

Elnath Nitram

Ivabal Captor

Acuben Vantas

Algiba Leijon

Astrea Maryam

Vuyura Pyrope

Octavi Serket (Maid of Light)

Nylias Zahhak

Bramar Makara

Kumbha Ampora

Nereid Peixes




automaticBrisngr (Jack's patron prenu)

deafeningLupin (Rena's Patron)


antithesisPyro (Jaye's Patron)

tortileGhostwriter (Damian's patron)


The RP.Edit

>Insert Disk 4.

You are Jaye Croley. Today is the day you begin a game with three other friends.

Your room is surprisingly clean, considering the hellhole it usually resembles. You love genetics. Hold on. More like you LOOOOOOOOVE genetics. For the sake of SCIENCE you breed plants, like no one ever did. You're also BORDERLINE OBSESSED with WARFARE. You also are an aspiring CHEMIST. You are infatuated with BAD FANFICTION, no exceptions.


--antithesisPyro [AP] began mocking giftedGenetics [GG] at 11:06--

AP: Regards, Jaye

GG: shit shit shit get your shit together jaye!

GG: i guess i was afk.

GG: what even are you please tell me its a trick!

AP: I Am A Member Of An Alien Species Called A Prenu

GG: so what are you like more warlike or peaceful?

AP: Before The Scratch, We Were A Warlike Species

GG: the whatch?

AP: Scratch, An Interdimensional Reset Button

AP: Now, We Have Remained Peaceful For The Most Part

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