Supernatural Fandom


Supernatural Dream

Supernatural withoutmask

Supernatural withmask


I don't trust a man with horns, especially when they look like candy corn.


Thief of Hope


9 years old (September 13th 2009)

Screen Name


Typing Style


Strife Specibi

knifekind, revolverkind, and swordkind

Comb Rave


Fetch Modus



Homestuck Fandom- kismesisstude


Land of Angels and Demons


Scooby Doo theme song (so damn catchy!)


Supernatural Fandom doesn't live anywhere in particular because he likes traveling to different places in his black 1967 Chevrolet Impala and pretty much lives in it. He kills anything that has either killed someone/thing or is planning to (no matter it if its paranormal or not). Another thing about him is that he's a bit paranoid. His tsundere attitude covers it quite well but in actuality he is really paranoid. So paranoid that he feels the need to bring at least a gun or knife on him at all times. It is very hard to tell if he is deceiving you or not.

Abilities as god tierEdit

He's able to steal hope from his allies or enemies to give himself more hope.

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