Star Wars Fandom

Star wars

aww yeah. laser handguards, sithlords.


37 years old (Born 5th of May 1977).

Screen Name

kesselRunner (maybe?)

Typing Style

speaks like this in short bursts, EXCEPT WHEN HE SPEAKS A LOT TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING. Uses "sith" instead of "shit."

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Force Modus


Star Trek (moirail), Doctor Who (post-scratch guardian, pre-scratch "padawan.")


Land of Forests and Teddybears.


Star Wars Main Theme.

The Star Wars Fandom is the personification of...the Star Wars Fandom. He lives in a small farmhouse on a desert planet with no company but a few scrappy old droids.

Biography Edit


Pre-Scratch, Star Wars acts as a guardian to his fellow science-fiction fandom, Doctor Who.


Post-Scratch, Star Wars looks like a young boy with blond hair and a brown Jedi cloak, and uses a variety of weapons, mostly blasters. Pre-Scratch, he wears a black cloak and exclusively wields a red lightsaber.