00249 1 Rose Lalonde has created her own walkthrough for Sburb Beta on GameFAQs, going under the same nickname as her Pesterchum chumHandle, tentacleTherapist. She was regularly updating it as she still had something more to discover while playing the game with John Egbert. John contributed to it as well.

The walkthrough is written from Rose's perspective, as it is written in the first person. It also is noted to detail her and John's game, as well as speculation on the other possible variants. Rose eventually abandoned writing it during the end of Act 4, and uploaded it to a server in the Furthest Ring. For some reason, The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors decided to distribute it to other sessions.

Later Much earlier, during Hivebent, Kanaya Maryam used the guide to get information on what the trolls would go through during their session, and believes the guide to be ancient.

The following is the (almost) full walkthrough. The original contents of the walkthrough are preserved as correctly as possible, while additional notes not in the walkthrough are marked red.

The various parts of the walkthrough are spread over several pages of Acts 2 through 4 of Homestuck.

In the Fandomstuck comic Andrew Hussie gives Homestuck Fandom this guide in-game, giving him the head start he needs to speed through. However the guide doesn't explain everything, so they will have to find help from their sprites.

Link to guide:

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