Portal Fandom

Portal Fandom

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"The CAKE is a lie."


Mage of Mind


10 (October 10, 2007)

Screen Name


Typing Style

()When y0u speak which is rare y0u tend t0 SH0UT anything that catches y0ur interest. This includes but is n0t limited t0 CAKE, TESTING, and SCIENCE. and s0mething to menti0n is h0w y0u cann0t talk with0ut c0mputer help s0 y0u can't use any punctuati0n in y0ur w0rds. Except peri0ds.()

Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi

Prototypekind and Fistkind

Comb Rave

The Cake

Fetch Modus

Puzzle Modus (You have to put together a puzzle to get the item, and when put into a card, they depict a picture of the item like on a puzzle box to show what the puzzle will look like. The bigger or more important the item, the harder the puzzle.)


FNaF Fandom; Pre-Scratch counterpart


The Land of Machinery and Puzzles


Building, creating, testing, outdoors, wheat, science, and cake (that she makes herself.)


Being left alone, cake, being trapped, and guns


GLaD0s' End Game Songs

You are the Portal Fandom and your pesterchum is scientificPortals. You enjoy Testing, Science, Aperture laboratories, aperture inventions, and cake (even if it is a lie). For a strife weapon, you have your portal gun and your fists. You may look weak but you could beat anyone if you put your mind to it. Let's not forget to mention how high your tenacity level is.

Appearence Edit

Portal is about 5’5-5’6, and her hair is a soft mousy brown

Personality Edit

She tends to latch onto people easily because of abandonment issues she has faced. She tends not to think of robots and AI as "people", and a small hobby of hers involves creating robots making them go through tests she made. This tends to confuse people on her feelings towards humans, since the robots are humaniod.

Even without her Portalgun, she is skilled with her fists and is still a force to be reckoned with, do not overestemate her.

She doesn't trust cake, other than one's she has made herself. (The cake is a lie) She also has a hard time trusting some AI’s due to the problems with GLaD0s and Wheatley that occur between both games, as well as with her own robots. She has a fascination with the outdoors, one of her favorite places being farmlands, and another fascination with physics and technology.

Trivia Edit

  • All of her robot's personalities range between Wheatley and Chell, and if/when she goes Grimdark, her robot's personality automatically goes to GLaD0s.
  • As a human, she is mute, and tends to use a keyboard to "talk" for her. As a robot, the computer is built in as a voice chip so she can actually "talk".
  • She is a Derse dreamer
  • Their true sign (according to the Extended Zodaic Test) is "Libza" which is the "sign of the acute"