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You are the Portal Fandom , and your pesterchum is scientificPortals. You enjoy Testing, Science, Aperture laboratories, aperture inventions , and cake (even if it is a lie) . For a strife weapon you have your portal gun and your fists. You may look weak but you could beat anyone if you put your mind to it. Lets not forget to mention how high your tenacity level is. ◾ Portal is about 5’5-5’6. ◾ Her hair is a silver/white . ◾ She attaches to people easily because of abandonment issues she has faced. ◾ She is tough even without her portal gun. ◾ She has a hobby of creating robots making them go through tests. ◾ All if her robot's personalities range between Wheatley, Chell, and GLaD0s ◾ She doesn't trust any cakes but her own ( the cake is a lie ) ◾ She also has a hard time trusting some AI’s due to the problems with GLaD0s and Wheatley ◾ she has a fascination with the outdoors and the wheat field ◾ she has a fascination with science ◾ she has a crush on Wheatley and his voice actor (Stephen Merch)

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