120px-Mercury symbol.svg
Orcus Nga


Knight of Breath



Screen Name

ambivalantLorn (AL)

Typing Style

TYPES. JUST. LIKE. THIS. WITH. A. PERIOD. BETWEEN. EACH. WORD. AND. ALL. IN. CAPSLOCK. or. sometimes. he. types. like. this. DEPENDING. on. HIS. mood.

Strife Specibi



Belun - Moirail
Other teammates - ???


Land of Steel and Caves

Gender: Male

Appearance: Horns are thick at base. Like EXTREMELY thick. And then they thin and splinter out backwards. Long hair that reaches his shoulders but is pulled back into a ponytail. Baggy shorts with lots of pockets. Short sleeved shirt with symbol.

Lusus: Ligerdad ( BT Problem?)

Personality: Bipolar. He can be the nicest guys and then all of a sudden he just EXPLODES WITH RAGE. Or sometimes he would just be so depressed and whiney.

Blood Color: Blue

Dream World: Derse

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