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Melany Ocetus
I guu3ss.......buut that dos3 not mak3s uus 3n3mi3s :/O


Maid of Blood


7 Sweeps

Screen Name


Strife Specibi



Elphie Abaci- Moiral


Land of Caverns and Sundials


Seeing her partners happy, cuttlefishes


Killing creatures, the feeling of being helpless

Melany Ocetus is one of the six protagonists in Clockwork Horizon.

Biography Edit

Melany lives in a cave under the sea, she used to live in a bit bigger cave near the ocean but some whales destroyed it. she dose'nt really know what she likes or hate, it is importent to her to help her partners as much as she can. she talks really slow and have an issue with her kind of wild side that makes her pull out sharp teeth and nails and eat everything around her when she is hungry.

she is curious about flarp because Elphie Aabaci told her about it

Personality and Traits Edit

Melany dose not know alot of things about modern trolls way of living so she gets confused really easily, it is really hard to upset her, and if she gets upset she will talk faster then her normal very slow way of speech, and if she is really angry she may do some thing she will regrat afterwards. she is really quite and dose not have anything to say most of the time, but when she dose then she say what she thinks straight and clear. if she is hungry she will become wild and hunt every living creature around her without control. she cares about her partners alot, and sometimes she might hear echos of the screams of the creatures she hunted

Relationships Edit

Melany dose not understand her own feelings or any feelings at all. however, she knows that her partners are importent to her and she wants to help them if they need assistance of any kind. there is one person that is closer to her then the others, and she understood that she feels pale for her, which is Elphie Abaci

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Trivia Edit

  • Melany's symbol is based on the constellation for Cetus, but upside down to look like an angler fish's head.
    • Originally, though, it was not flipped.
    • Melany's name is based on a specific kind of angler fishs that is called Melanocetus. the kind of anglerfish from the genus that she is based on is the Black seadevil