Latula Pyrope

Latula Pyrope


Homosuck Latula

Latula Pyrope (Dream)

Latula Pyrope (God Tier)

Latula Pyrope (Dead)

h3y, ch3ck out th1s OUTST4ND1NG h34lfl1p!!!!




Knight of Mind


Possibly 9 solar sweeps/19 earth years (Spent Beforan 3 solar sweeps, 6 1/2 earth years, in the session before dying)

Screen Name

noncanon: gamrgrlCabalerial

Typing Style

Replaces A, I, and E with 4, 1, and 3, respectively. Unlike Terezi, she tends to use lowercase letters.

Strife Specibi


Comb Rave


Fetch Modus

Color Cube


Neophyte Redglare - Post-scratch self
Terezi Pyrope - Dancestor
Mituna Captor - Matesprit


Land of Thought and Flow


Teal Hunter ♫ Galaxy Hearts ♫ GameGlrMspa icon (to be released)

Biography Edit

Like her Alternian descendant, Latula has a handicap. However, it is different. In an undisclosed incident, she lost her sense of smell, not sight. This handicap makes her slightly insecure; therefore, she puts up the front that she is the r4dd3st g4m3 g1rl 3v4 to overcompensate for it. It appears a tad off-putting to Porrim Maryam and she tells Latula to cool it on her act.

Trivia Edit

Though Latula is not blind like her dancestor, Terezi, she does wear similar red glasses, though hers are rectangular rather than pointy. She wears a teal/black one-piece body suit, matching with her matesprit Mituna, who wears a yellow/black body suit. From her talksprites, she is shown to have more blunt, human teeth rather than pointy troll fangs. The artist has stated that this was a mere oversight.

Karkat has stated that he is quite sure that Latula's personality is only an act, forcing herself in this sort of "radical personality" to garner attention. The same "attention grabbing" is noted on her inability to smell, which Karkat does not believe is much of a disability at all.

Has a relationship with Mituna since the beginning of the session.

Outfits: Edit

Latula Pyrope (Can see) Latula Pyrope (Blind) Latulanoglasses Latula Pyrope (Reverse)

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