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Typing Style

(Pre God-Tier) speaks in all lower case and says their, there, and they're as there. uses commas. (God-Tier) Uses almost perfect grammar except for the occasional missing punctuation.

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Video games (specifically retro video games), hanging out with his friends, and astronomy.


"fucking assholes", and people who say magic is real (Pre God-Tier)

Biography Edit

Reason for Existence Edit

In this timeline, the Beforian trolls win their session, thus creating their universe. Unbeknownst to them, the timeline is a doomed one, thus leading to their death. Earth exists in this timeline, but eventually everyone dies including Kyle, but not before some major things.

Pre-Doom Edit

Childhood Edit

After being brought to Earth by the meteorites, Kyle's meteor kills Kyle's ectobiological father causing Kyle to never have a true father figure. He gets adopted by his "Uncle" which makes sure Kyle stays alive, but doesn't do very much to love Kyle, causing Kyle to have anger issues and depression. He meets all of his friends on the Internet and starts to talk to them on Pesterchum. He orders a game called Sburb and doesn't get it until his 13th birthday....

Sburb Edit

Kyle gets the game and is the first one into the Medium. He is also the first one to reach god-tier which is the Mage of Time. He also meets another timeline version of him which has gone crazy and traveled back in time and tries to kill Kyle and his friends, which call him "The Villain of Time." Kyle and his friends eventually defeat him earning him a JUST death. He eventually learns of the other timeline and (correctly) finds out that their timeline will always end in the death of the four kids. This information combined with his mental issues causes him to turn on his friends to just try to destroy the timeline. He is unsuccessful, and Dean causes the session to "glitch," so there will be a new timeline, causing the kids meteors to switch their guardians. Another result of this is that Kyle gets glitched backwards in the timeline and ultimately becomes "The Villain of Time."

Post-Doom/Pre-Scratch Edit

Childhood Edit

Kyle lives in place of his father (Kade), and gains an interest in arcade games, and eventually starts designing games.

Adulthood Edit

Kyle is a successful game maker and designer and is the cofounder of his own company. He eventually witnesses what his Pre-Doom father did and takes in Kade (his Post-Doom dad). He eventually dies for some unknown reason (haven't made one) but is brought back to life through the Scratch.

Post-Scratch Edit

After the Post-Doom/Pre-Scratch kids initiate the Scratch, the order gets reversed back into the first place, but now is an "official" timeline.

Childhood Edit

In this timeline, Kyle's arrival meteor doesn't land on Kyle's ectobiological father's house, causing Kyle to have a father figure. He is now more calm and collected. He still meets his friends on the Internet, and still ordered Sburb.

Sburb Edit

In this timeline, "The Villain of Time," never exists due to Kyle being more calm and collected and never attacking his friends. He and his friends eventually meet up with the Post-Doom/Pre-Scratch kids and create their universe.