Kella Aley
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Kella Aley

Kella Without the jacket

Kella Aley Dream Self

Kella Aley God tier

Kella young

Kella young funeral

Kella Baby

Calm down, I m sure that is going to dissapear, and you will see how colours are ^w^


Sylph of Breath




13 years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uppercase at the beginning of a sentence, punctuation and emoticons ^w^ O_O 7_7 UuU

Strife Specibi



Fetch Modus

Memory Modus


Key´s Dad - Father

Key ´s Mom - Mother

Melleon - Grandfather

Max Melleon - Post scracht Grandfather

Aley - Post scracht self

Max ´s Mom - Post scracht Mother

Max ´s Dad - Post scracht Father

Seo Erien - Best Friend/Possible Romantic Interest

Live(s) in

In a Urban Alaska's zone (U.S.A)


Planet of Flowers and Aura


Video Games (Specifically The Legend of Zelda, The Gray Garden, Earthbound, Wadanohara and the great blue sea, Dust: an Elysian tail, Tess, Ib, Cave story and Final Fantasy) being with friends, the puppies, to play in the snow, desserts, sleep, Seo Erien (It is suspected who is in love with him) to play the violin, See star vs the forces of evil and regular show, swordsmens, wizards and the peace


disturbing things, Motherfuckers antagonists, the sadists, the corruption, too much homework, pickles and lies


Flower Garden (Theme 1)

Twin Souls (Theme 2)

Song of storm (Theme 3)

Normal Battle remix (Strife!)

Kella Aley is a Character of MegaeStuck

Personality Edit

Is a pretty good girl, cute and calmed down, she is really optimist and analising. But she is brave and can be pretty serious if the situación need's it, and too she hates the disgusting or pertubating things, is logic havin' kown she's 13 and so she doesn't takes bizarres or terryfing things as normal.

She likes too help her friends when they have a trouble, hearing them, advising them, and too inspiring them, but is a little annoying she wanted inspire people in a direct way, she is a so good person (and too so much pretty...not only form the outside, inside too...but thats Obviusly)

Bio Edit

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