Izeret Pyrope
Izeret Pyrope (transparent)


Izzie, Iz. Negative Terezi,


Thief of Mind




7.4 Alternian solar sweeps (16 earth years)

Screen Name


Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi



Pyter (Imaginary Friend), Terezi Pyrope (Friend and Relative), Sollux Captor (Matespritship), Eridan Ampora (Friend), Vriska Serket (Enemy)

Live(s) in

Izeret's Hive


The Land of Nosebleed and Colors


Sollux, Shampoo, Boogers,


Ignoring, Disagreement,

Izeret Pyrope , also known by her Trollian handle as docileLunatic, is a glitched troll from the popular Wattpad series 'Izeret Pyrope - [Negative Terezi]' Glitched trolls are an uncommon thing in Alternia, and currently the only ones we know are part of the Pyrope family (including Neocplez and Quelic Redglare). Her associated zodiac sign is Libra. Her troll handle tells two things about her. Docile means calm or obedient and since she's very aggressive this should be taken as her being sarcastic about herself. On the other hand Lunatic is a term for an insane person, this shows that she knows that she sometimes gets a little too wild.

Her name is just Terezi's name backwards.

Biology Edit

She has severe sight issues and even though she doesn't resemble Pyropes in many ways she's still a valid member of the family. Because of being a glitch her appearance is just like Terezi's just negative.

Personality and Traits Edit

Few of her traits are taken from Terezi (craziness, funkiness) but otherwise she has a totally different and unique personality (even though we could compare her to Meenah a bit). In many ways she is hateful even towards her "friends" and she's being good only to people she really loves. For instance around Sollux she can be shy, awkward, lovely but with people like Karkat, Vriska or Feferi she gets very insulting and mean.

She usually uses the word 'girl' as an insult (not knowing what it means) and is rarely pushed to calling somebody a bitch or an asshole.

She (rarely) uses smileys like: <:[ , <:] There is not really an explanation why are their horns upside down (there's also no explanation why is her icon an upside down libra symbol)

[This wiki will be updated as more information comes]

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