Intermission Fandom


Intermission has not much of a large family. He has an older brother named Homestuck Fandom and another brother named Problem Sleuth Fandom .


Intermission likes to wear a black hat, a green long sleeve and collar shirt, a black vest with red buttons, a red tie, black pants, and black shoes. He also has a black/very dark brown hair and a robotic arm. He has green(???) eyes as well.


Even though the roleplayer for this character is uncertain, they theorize that Intermission had grown up with Problem Sleuth, becoming quite the drinker when his part of the webcomic came out after [S] Cascade.

After successfully completing SBURB session 2, he became the God of War. Although he had participated in the session, he never had to godtier.


Although Problem Sleuth and he are related, they ended up as matesprits. As far as his knowledge goes, he does not understand the "charms" from Homestuck fully, nor does he care about other quadrants. Vocaloid Fandom and he had started feeling something towards each other, nothing pale or romantic, but in between. Maybe a little bit leaning towards the romantic side. But this does not count as a quadrant to them. They have an unspecified relationship.

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