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Bard of Space


8 years old (Born 13 of April 2009).

Screen Name


Typing Style

He capitalizeS tHe H and S letters and writes perfectly. When super angry he YELLs LIKE ThIs!!!!!!

Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Miracle Modus


Hetalia Fandom- kismesis to moirail

Supernatural Fandom- kismesisstude


- Actual Parents (unknown) Andrew Hussie (adopted father)

Live(s) in



Chess and Frogs


Faygo, Gushers, Conair, cosplaying, shipping, drawing, horses/ponies, buckets/pails, Tumblr, deviantArt, Hook, and Bill Cosby


Betty Crocker, Gigapause, killing of main characters, and Hetalia Fandom


Will Smith raps, Miracles by Insane Clown Posse, and Darude Sandstorm


Geekin' Out (Homestuck)

Homestuck is the personification (trollsonification?) of the Homestuck Fandom. He lives in the same house of Andrew hussie, and fandboys about everything he has.

Biography Edit

HS Fandom was teleported to Earth by a mystery person as a baby and was adopted by Andrew Hussie, who finally makes an actual videogame of Homestuck (not Hiveswap) after 10 years. The game puts people into virtual reality, plus it's only available on PC so he chooses 4 kids from Twitter to be his guinea pigs. Now its up to Homestuck Fandom to take charge as leader and help his friends beat an impossible game. Things go haywire however when alien fandoms teleport Homestuck Fandom and the others to their alien space rock where an actual cataclysmic meteor is headed straight to Earth.

Abilities as god tier Edit

He allows destruction of space or invites destruction through space. The Bard is also quite the wildcard; unpredictable by nature and thus equally likely to help or hinder his party, often to great effect. In extreme cases they are either single-handedly responsible for their party's massive downfall, their improbable victory, or sometimes even both.

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