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>>While The Court claims to rule above all fandoms then, Her Royal Maharani is said to be the queen and overall ruler of the Beast Fandoms, and apparently, most Beast Fandoms either revere or fear her because of her uncanny ability to kill with her bare hands and her unbeatable wit. She is quick on her feet and has never lost a race to a man or beast alive, thus giving her her winning title of “The Harefoot”. She doesn’t like being under men (or any other Fandom for that matter), she rules the Beast Fandoms by herself. It is said that whoever can beat her to a race gets to marry her, a reason why she remains single to this day. >>She hails from a long line of Needle Beasts which are known for their inhuman powers. She has a strong dislike with The Court, especially when it came with The Court Flatfoot (Sherlock’s ancestor). She doesn’t like The Court nosing around her businesses, especially when it came to matters like ruling the Beast Fandoms. She claims she can’t read or write, however, she can draw pretty well, often expressing her thoughts through tribal works. This puts her at odds even more with The Court Flatfoot, who degrades her for her “lack of intelligence”. Her Royal Maharani, however, boasts that intelligence is least needed when one is part of the Beast Fandom, as it all it takes to rule them all is sheer strength and strong intuition, also the ability to kill each other and come out as victor.

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