Gravity Falls Fandom

About Edit

The Gravity Falls Fandom is a 14-year-old girl with a major interest in mysteries and the supernatural.


She is mainly based on the main protagonists of the show, Dipper and Mabel pines, which results in her creativity and mathematical prowness. She is also half demon, from the antagonist dream demon Bill Cipher, and as a result has basic teleportation and telekinesis abilities.

She goes by several nicknames, inculding Grav, FloatyGirl, Sweaters, and SweaterGirl.

Relationships Edit

Disney Fandom - Mother

Supernatural Fandom - crush/ older sibling figure. he seems to be very cautious with the many creatures she brings home and has been caught attempting to kill her "pets", thinking they're dangerous like Many of the creatures in his canon.

Star vs. the forces of evil fandom- morail, due to their Star and Mabel characters being very similar.

Over the garden wall fandom- good friend. They both like to go adventuring in the forest.

Basic Info Edit

Godtier: Maid of Hope

Strife Specibus: hookkind

Modus: journal

Appearance Edit

She has brown hair, and wears a burgundy sweater that is far too big for her, with a golden color 6 finger Hand symbol in the middle.

She also wears a blue and white hat with a pine tree symbol, grey shorts, and black shoes.

Personality Edit

She is very friendly, bit can be overexcitable at times. She's always ready to solve a mystery, or discover something new.

Occasionally she becomes incredibly overactive, acting like a very young child, but sometimes she can also be quiet and calm and hardworking. She shows elements of the polarised personalities of both Mabel and Dipper, which can at times be very confusing to both those around her and to herself.

She finds almost my animal adorable, especially pigs. She, however, hates being called adorable. If you call her adorable, will not stop until she proves her "manliness" to you and you agree that she is, indeed, not adorable and extremely "manly."

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