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> The Ferre†er is a part of the higher fandoms, one of the Big Three fandoms. Like Supernatural, he hunts down demons and wastes no time in exterminating them, either with salt which he keps in his small pouch (unlike Supernatural’s salt nowadays, this actually damages demon fandoms), or worse, with the Colt (pistolkind) with his great aim. He claims the position of a Court Protector and some kind of an executioner. He is also rather silent but his serene nature comes with an inner turmoil as his temper is very very bad. However, he would take this temper out on demons rather than other people. He was tasked to execute the Preacher (Homestuck’s ancestor) and did so successfully after the Preacher had hidden the Follower (Adventure Time’s ancestor). He is also sometimes at odds with The Great Mediator (Gunnerkrigg Court’s ancestor), the medium of the court >Known to be in kismesis with the Preacher.

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