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Dylan Diamond


Headphones Dylan


Mage of mind

Mage of mind hood down


Fancy suit


has this glitch ever happened to anyone? I mean its my first time playing sburb and I don't want to turn into some horrible monster... [1'm 20 20rry 8ut 1 w1ll h4v3 t0 3nn1h1l4t3 y0u n0w. ]


Mage of Mind



Screen Name


Typing Style

types like ordinary people do but sometimes uses capital letters and formal writing (when robot he says 2 instead of (s), 3 instead of (e), 4 instead of (a), 0 instead of (o),8 instead of (b), and 1 instead of (i)

Strife Specibi

puppetkind, possibly bookbagkind

Comb Rave


Fetch Modus

Queue and Etch a sketch


Dad Diamond- Genetic father
Mom - Genetic mother
Meg Griffin- adopted sister
Viktor Zahhak- created a new android body
Gingykittyspite- sprite prototyped from a Shrek movie toy and his dead cat


Land of Acid and Castles


Dylan Diamond loves to watch TV, use the computer ,and just hang out. He's a member of the team NCIS (New Cool Ironic Shades).

Biography Edit

Dylan lives in a boring old suburban neighborhood until by a stroke of luck, he found a copy of the sburb game and started off on a adventure of a life time.

Abilities as god tier Edit

He has a deep understanding of the mind and benefits himself with knowledge pertaining to the mind. He also receives knowledge from the mind, creates mind tricks, manipulates with or through the use of the mind, and can be manipulated by the mind when asleep.


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