D o ctresse Scratch</div>

Doctresse Scratch


Baby scratch

I am an excellent host.


Scratch Nurse, Ms. Vanilla Milkshake, White Text Woman


Roughly as old as Alternia

Screen Name


Typing Style

Perfect grammar and syntax, sparingly uses contractions

Strife Specibi

bookkind, possibly pistolkind and broomkind

Fetch Modus

Queue and Etch a sketch


Muse English - Master

Gingy - Ectobiological mother

The Magician -Former Protégé

MSPA Reader - Client/Houseguest

Snowman/Spades Slick - Auspistice

The Wanderer - Foster child

Live(s) in

Felt Manor

Doctresse Scratch is a mysterious, powerful being who communicates primarily with Cass Peterson via Pesterchum. Shee also communicates frequently with Spades Slick in his session. She uses pure white text and no chumhandle or trolltag, making conversations difficult to read without highlighting, and types using accurate grammar and punctuation, without any of the defining "quirks" prevalent among trolls – though one could argue that perfect grammar is a quirk in itself.

Being similar to the canonical Doc Scratch, she is an extremely skilled manipulator. Shee also fits into the billiards concept introduced by The Felt, representing the cue ball. Her name is an obvious reference to the pool term for pocketing the cue ball. This relates to how Doctresse Scratch would die in order to bring forth Muse English. It may also play on "Old Scratch," a traditional name for Satan, which relates to his role as "The Devil" in the story of the Ancestors. "Scratch" also means "to erase or eliminate", which reflects English's role as the demon that will destroy the universe. Like her master, Doctresse Scratch is not her true name, rather, it is merely a pseudonym.

Scratch appears as a humanoid figure in a white and green dress suit with a white handgun. Her head is shaped like a cue ball, though the lack of an outline makes it look less like a ball and more like a hole in space. She is surrounded by the same green-white flickering lightning effect that surrounds God Bird.


  • It is unknown why she bears such resemblance to Doc Scratch, as First Guardians are different for any planet, whether the planet had a different one or not. 
  • Doctress is an obsolete form of Doctor.

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