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[[¿if I hear the next person in this room call me "Doctor Who, I will give you a poisoned jelly baby.? Allonsy! |First Appearance]]


DW or the Doctor


Prince of Time


51 years old (Nov. 23rd 1963)

Screen Name


Typing Style

¿talks formally with question marks at the beginning and end of sentences? and adds allonsy and other doctor who quotes at the end.

Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

TARDIS (bigger on the inside than outside and has a computer brain)


Sherlock Fandom- flushed crush


Land of Clockwork and War.(LOCAW)


time travel, police boxes, tea, MLP, fezzes, bow ties, Jelly Babies, space, the TARDIS, cosplaying, and friends


Daleks, Cybermen, The Silence, villains


Doctor Who theme


Not much is known about this fandom, except that he calls himself "The Doctor" and that he flies through space in a time-travelling Tardis, so he says. He's friends with a lot of people on Chatroulette, so when he comes up to some people talking about playing the game, he joins the new adventure.

Abilities as god tierEdit

The Doctor's powers seem to include phenomenal offensive time abilities, using their aspect to completely overwhelm other aspects or players. He's a "destroyer of time" or "one who destroys via time" like stopping time and defeats enemies using time. He can also destroy the useless timelines they don't use anymore.


Doctor Who-1-

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