Disney Fandom

The oldest fandom started since the 1930s, the Disney has the likeness of a fairy, as it is small and magical. She is widely known amongst anyone who had a childhood, and is friends with most of the fandoms. You could say that she's like the White Queen, but she can talk English. Her origin is currently unknown

Personality Edit

The Disney fandom's personality is quiet but very polite. She doesn't show often in public, probably because of her being busy ruling her kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Can shrink small as a fairy and grow to the size of a tall building, with wings to match. Her citizens have Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse hats with the females wearing dresses and the males wearing red pants with buttons. They all work vigorously to pump out Disney movies.

Relationships Edit

She are very motherly to the Gravity Falls fandom and all her other Disney-themed fandoms, plus the Marvel and Star Wars fandoms are basically their adopted children. But sadly she doesn't socialize with Supernatural, or the other main 5 often.

Other Edit

God Tier: Witch of Heart (If she was a troll girl)

Quadrants filled: None

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