Cochin Bonbsa

Cochin Bonbsa

Cochin Bonbsa Derse

Cochin Bonbsa God Tier

pink is Thé néw purplé, dudé.


Mage Of Hope


8 sweeps old

Screen Name


Typing Style

Typés in lowércase éxépT for Thé léTTér T, puTs an inflécTion on Thé léTTér é

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Jerkwad Modus


Skaahn Pakkan- Moirail (Its a mystery)

Crumpet- owl lusus


Land of Fire and Lightning


Everything about himself and wishes everybody was just like him


Anyone Who Is Lower Than Him On The Hemospectrum, Which Is Nearly Everyone, Cause Mutated Pink Blood Is The New High Royalty

Cochin Is Just Some DoucheBag High Royal That Nobody Cares About, Exept Maybe Skaahn, His Moirail


  • Cochin Actually Has A Crush On Sakuya Pinoki, But He Is Afraid That She Won't Like Him Due To His Royalty

Abilities as god tierEdit

He has a deep understanding of hope and benefits himself with knowledge pertaining to hope. One who receives knowledge from hope, one who creates hope, one who manipulates with or through the use of hope, or one who is manipulated by hope.

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