Ceric Butz

Ceric Butz





She's the one with the hots for me! I just know it! I can feel her sexy beam piercing my heart when she's watching me! Seeeeeexy beam, I tell you!


Hotdog vendor, security guard, artist, Steel Samurai stage show actor and ? of ?


10.6 solar sweeps (23 years)

Screen Name

lauriceDeauxnim then switched to steelSamurai

Typing Style

talks with perfect english and sometimes holds word for siiiiiix

Strife Specibi

palttekind and helmtkind

Fetch Modus



Phoenix Wright (Childhood friend and defense attorney)
Miles Edgeworth (Childhood friend)
Degan Stone (Ex-girlfriend, deceased)
Kiyance (Ex-girlfriend)
Missy (Ex-girlfriend)
Heidi (Ex-girlfriend) *
Belle Windsor (Ex-girlfriend)*
Bennifer (Ex-girlfriend)
Katty Tom (Ex-girlfriend)
Donna (Ex-girlfriend)
Naomi (Ex-girlfriend)
Miranda (Ex-girlfriend)
Miharu (Ex-girlfriend)


Land of ? and ?



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