This is the page where Bladekind weaponry goes.

The Textrix of the Arbitor/TextrixcaliberEdit

Prospit Sleuth's sword of choice. Compatible with Sleuthkind and Bladekind alike, the Textrix is a quill that becomes a powerful sword when his Comb Rave is induced. Textrixcaliber is a similar sword, God Tier weapon of choice.

Jenny McFeeEdit


This is the choice specibus of Jenny McFee. It is a disposable pen with the Object/Item duability to become a two-edged sword. This makes it a convinent easy-carry weapon. It becomes a sword when uncapped, and vice-versa.


Jenny McFee's first improved weapon. It's a play on both Dave Strider's Caledscratch and the Doctor Who race The Daleks.

Elton SummersEdit

Fusion KatanaEdit

This blade is based off a regular katana and the Final Fantasy Fusion Sword. It has four parts: Two short blades situated on the side, and two long ones sandwiched between those. Other than this, it looks like a plain old katana.

Mellohi ScratchEdit

Mellohi Scratch only ever uses the Molecular Katana, named so because it was sharpened to the molecular level. Thus, it could cut through a frickin' battleship if he so much as dropped it on deck. He never replaced it because it was just that badass.

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