Ashlynn Faye

Ashlynn Faye

Ashlynn Faye No Socks

Ashlynn Faye Prospit

Ashlynn Faye Prospit Alt

Ashlynn Faye God Tier

Ashlynn Faye God Tier Alt

Hula girl

Ashlynn Faye Talksprite

seriously though, how hot do you think it is out here, 70-90 degrees thats what it is


Witch Of Light



Screen Name


Typing Style

pretty much like this with some speling mistakes

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Survival Modus


Grandfather Faye - Grandparent

Live(s) in



Land of Sand and Snow


hot weather, her swimsuits, hula dancing


anything cold, even icecream

Ashlynn Faye Lives On A Super Hot Island Right In The Middle Of The North Atlantic Ocean, Like, Litrally In The Middle, Go On Google Maps And Search Her Home, Its Litrally In The Middle Of It.

She Makes Swimsuits Out Of ANYTHING, Litrally.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically Has A Very Cute Laugh, Her Username Being HA
  • If You Search "Ashlynn Faye" On Google, Many XXX Rate Videos Come Up, Or Maybe That's Just Me (From the real Ashlynn Faye, the character this is based on)

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