Arboro Cyprio

Arboro icon

I'm n\0>t t\0>\0> sure whattasay.... tweet...->>>>


6.8 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

You change your O's into little birds ( \0> ) when typing and end lines with trees ( ->>>> ) sometimes you whistle in the language of avian beasts. It sounds like you're saying "tweet tweet"

Fetch Modus

Slot Machine


Cutlass (lusus)

Live(s) in

In the middle of a shady forest


Land of Ice and Turmoil


Arboro has short scraggly hair and horns that look like two twigs. They also look like two pointy birds nesting on his head. The symbol on his shirt stands for the cyprus leaf, a group in the Celtic horoscope. He wears pink sneakers. not a true reason exsists, he just likes to be different. his Blood color is Aqua.


A large praying mantis, named "Cutlass"


Arboro is very inquisitive about the world around him. This is why he decided to live in the depths of the Alternian forests. He is both a wildlife photographer and biologist. He is very cautious when talking to other beings, for he secretly craves attention, and he doesn't want to piss anybody off. This contributes to his Blargophobia.

He tries to be creative and inventive, while keeping his logical side in tact. This can be hard for him at times, since he usually has to give up one for another. He never leaves his home without his camera. In fact, his Camera functions as a touch screen computer.

He is very passionate about his job and nature, which can lead to territorial tendencies. If he sees someone or something as a threat, he will strike.

Reguardless of his "hippie-esque" nature, he detests the "Lusus Planet" Channel. Instead, he enjoys delving into the adventures of "The Doctor of Who." A remake from a human show.











Slot MachineEdit

To be honest, This particular modus is very annoying. it works like a slot machine. If you line up all three, it releases the item normally. If you match two, those two items both fly out. and if none of them match up, the 3 items go flying in opposite directions. Its a pain to pick it all up. luckily, Arboro doesn't carry around anything but his camera normally.


replaces o's with "\0>" a symbol for a bird.
ends sentences with a tree: "->>>>>>"
places actions in between asterisks some of the time and combines words "Whadaya,Howdya, Dafuq?, etc."

Zodiac SignEdit

Cypress (Celtic zodiac) (

Strife SpecibiEdit


Roman CorrectionEdit

Arboro's favorite flog. basically, its a whip with shards of metal


disposable death

Arboro actually tried this with a crappy, disposable camera once. it doesn't work very well.

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