Alex Rodriguez
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Alex Romero

Alex Romero Dream self

Alex Romero god tier

Mmm maybe it is that your dream self has not awakened yet, maybe when you wake up, you understand the situation :v


Heir of Space




14 age

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses emoticons for ":v"

Strife Specibi



Fetch Modus

Pictonary modus


Paez - Aunt

Maura Paez - Post-scracht Aunt

Uncle Rodriguez - Post-scracht self

Live(s) in

In a beach area of venezuela


Planet of Mountains and Frogs


Videogames (specifically Pokemon, Club penguin, Kirby, Ib, Braid, Meat boy, Katawa Shoujo, Phoenix wright and Profesor layton) Art, Fashion, sew clothes, bird watching, to draw, play xylophone, Watch steven universe and miraculous ladybug, being with friends, astrology and swim


frightening things, disgusting things, the jokes of oka, Not being able to have club penguin membership, hiatus, horrible music, horror movies, rat kids and cockroaches

Alex Rodriguez is a character of MegaeStuck

Personality Edit

Is really creative, optimist and ingenious, has a strong sense of intuicion and precision, but is a little coward when there are terrorific or strange things, but can be brave ever and when is necesary, he unconsciously search about the origin of things that are interesting for him, because he is too curious and want to known when and how things start, too explaining why he is a history fan, science, art and fashion

Bio Edit

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